A Wayfarer Study's Guide for the Top (6) Vacation Rentals around the World

Slowly, travelers are beginning to abandon the typical approach to wanderlust. Beach resorts, "All-Inclusive" high-rise suites, etc are all getting replaced with neighborhood bed and breakfasts,  AirBnBs and countless other rental options.

Personally, I prefer vacation rentals just from an economic perspective. Why? Many rentals are located in neighborhoods, outside of the tourist realm . Which means there won't be any strategically established bars or cafes urging tourists to splurge on inflated beer and croissant prices.

I make it my duty to ONLY lodge at vacation rentals(after much needed research of the location and unit), I also daydream a lot. Most of my daydreaming begins with random Google searches of vacation rentals around the world...pretty lame, I know. 

Nevertheless, here are The Wayfarer Study's list of Top Vacation rentals around the World.


The Bloubergstrand Villa

Labled as having "One of the best views in the world", for a small fee, you could rent this home along with all the typical amenities as well as an ATM, maid services, a heated pool, and not to mention the view above. 


Post Ranch Inn

Located north of the Bay Area, this rental has breath-taking views as well as yoga(of course, it's California) and complimentary breakfast.


The Green House Villas

I have to be honest, this is my favorite rental of all-time(even though I've never lodged here...yet). Not really a lot of fluff and icing, but the mere fact it's located near Machu Pichu, works for me. it is a dream to view the Inca territory then spend the night here...with a plate of fried yucca. 



Athens Green Apartments

Ok...I'm biased again. I DID lodge at this rental on a trip to Greece last year. All I have to say is...lemon trees outside of your window...walking distance to ANY tourist sights...smack-dab in the middle of a bohemian neighborhood with eating spots that prepare the BEST LAMB IN THE WORLD. places like HERE and HERE.


Ananda Deluxe Family Bungalow

Simple and to the point. It doesn't always have to be lavish. Sometimes, the ocean is enough.


Balmoral Reflections

 I mean, if you have the money to get it, why not?

...and there you have it! Our list of the top vacation rentals around the world. I can assure you this will change tomorrow because I'm always on a mad dash to find a new gem. Again, if you haven't rented a home or apartment on you vacation, try it. You'll be sure to save a little cash, and eat like a local.