Welcome to The Wayfarer Study

…a year-long of brainstorming…creating a voice…solidifying that voice…networking…staying persistent…traveling…learning it’s ok to call yourself an “expert”…taking pictures…investing in your idea….feeling like your idea sucks…then, realizing, you are branding you, so your idea is one of a kind…listening to a lot of Oddisee…realizing I was NEVER interested in “9 to 5” corporate matriculation…finding the one who inspires you…realizing, I only want to associate with other creators and artists…vibes are real…read a few books that pushed my perceptions to new heights….the beginning of a new vision.

All of the above random fragments played a huge role in creating The Wayfarer Study. For a year, Shep and I have been subtracting and adding ideas to make this project “perfect”. While the majority of the planning for a year was strategic, there were times when we struggled to “find our voice”.

ams streets.jpg

It would be easy to look back and say, “all that back and forth was a waste of time’. However, we probably would not have reached this moment. Being that we’re relatively new to the field of creating and entrepreneurship, there’s a level of fright and insecurity. I mean, let us be honest, we’re putting our hearts on our sleeves (as far as art is concerned) for other folk to enjoy or not enjoy. In addition, the fact that we’re dudes…also makes being clear about emotions that much harder.

Nevertheless, from having numerous convos with each other and with our peers, our vision has been refined and is direct. Not to mention, many of our peers showed great support once we gave them the intent of the project and its underlying purpose.  This is probably better than any paycheck or interview. Shep and I are not on a mad dash for fame or riches. We simply want to shift cultural thinking so everyone on the planet will embrace the power of connections, regardless of hues or religious beliefs. This is our payoff. This is our “baller status”. In a time where many people are more concerned with themselves on social networking, we want to be the kink in the chain that uses those same outlets to inform people of the power of togetherness.

While capital gain is definitely a goal to curate this project full-time, it is more so needed for us to spread our message globally. With the support of our peers, we posses the confidence and the humility to carry out our chosen way of life. It may seem on the surface as a “shot in the dark”, and in many cases, it probably is. However, our mission along with our love of travel and music will start to take shape to “make the world smaller”. More than anything, we want to link PEOPLE, with PEOPLE.  Our project will be the beginning. Our site will have the information. Shep and I will continue to push ourselves and provide creative content for your enjoyment and social debates.  We’re here to provide a different image, a different sound, and amplify the voice of the unheard around the globe.

Just watch…you’ll soon believe, Everywhere, People are People, just as we do.