Born and raised in Charleston South Carolina, Myron “Shep” Jenkins is an aspiring writer, photographer and videographer. With a passion for travel, Jameson and shrimp tacos, Shep is also the man “behind the boards” of TWS’s online webisodes as the Lead Editor. His keen eye for design and knowledge of world history allows for refined images that reflect multiculturalism and creativity. 

Being a risk taker, a professional napper and “part-time” History teacher, Shep’s life motto is riddled in simplicity…”all you gotta do is live”.

Also born and raised in Charleston, Jamaal “Scoop” Lemon is the designated “foot soldier” for TWS brand. As the Lead Music Curator for all webisodes and the PR consultant, Jamaal is a self-proclaimed “know-it –all” and El Dorado Rum connoisseur. An avid lover of Sarah Silverman and Spike Lee films, he posses the innate ability to connect with people who are not named Jamaal “Scoop” Lemon. As an aspiring curator of music and videographer, Jamaal brings a tenacious hustle to market The Wayfarer Study to be the leading resource for travel and an utopian society. His motto in life...Cheers!                                                             

                       Places We've Traveled

  • The Netherlands
  • Argentina
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Belgium
  • Uruguay 
  • Nicaragua
  • Greece
  • Canada
  • Ireland
  • Jamaica