The Wayfarer Study's Top 5 travel sites to subscribe to

If you're impulsive like me and prone to booking flights on a whim, airfarewatchdog is the site for you. 

When I first began to even think about travel I used to make daily trips to the Budget Travel website, dreaming about taking a trip but never really knowing much about how to actually do it. Now that I have a few international trips under my belt, I'm a little more aware of good deals and travel tips. Check out the Budget Travel "Real Deals" and subscribe to their newsletter, you can thank me later.


You know how plane tickets are expensive and you hate paying for them. Well won't find you free flights but they usually have some pretty good fares. Myrtle Beach roundtrip for $72.00? Roundtrip ticket to Lima for $535. The deals aren't limited to flights. They also have car rentals and hotels as well.


Most people are already hip to Travel Zoo. If you aren't, then stop reading this right now and go to their website. I'm willing to bet money there's at least one deal from their "Top 20" section you'll want to book right now. Trazel Zoo always finds the best deals and makes the hardest part of traveling, planning, super easy for you. Trazel Zoo is a mandatory travel site.

Remember when we went to Amsterdam and Barcelona? Yeah, so Gate 1 travel set that up for us. Gate 1 is a great travel agency that offers great rates and packages. The best thing about Gate 1 though? You can make payments on larger packages. So instead of having to shell out 2 stacks at once, with Gate 1 you have the option to make small payments leading up to the trip. I would highly recommend Gate 1 for your next extended trip. Check them out.