The Wayfarer Study's Top (5) Apps for International Travel

Technology has become the axis of our reality. With one click, you are now able to: purchase clothing, check heart rates, make movies, get directions, find a hotel, and many other things...all from a smartphone.

It only makes sense for the advancement of technology to carry over to the travel world. As a matter of fact, you'd be "a couple dollars short" if you were to not use any form of technology while traveling...especially international travel. We know that random searches in your app store may seem overwhelming, for that reason, we've taken the time to provide our favorites.   

So what should you look for in travel apps?

Well, for us, safety is a huge concern wherever we go. Most of the apps we use, are used to reduce potential aggravation and frustration levels as well as provide information, such as: directions, weather, costs, availability, etc.

So take a look, and on your next international should try our Top (5) apps


By far, the most utilized app for The Wayfarer Study. Why? It may be the BEST app for finding a nice place to eat in a foreign country where speaking the language may be difficult. The best part about this can be used offline. This is key for travel out of the country. If you're looking for a place to eat, a hotel, a monument, or a port to catch a ferry, Trip Advisor's compass will point you in the right direction...frustration free.


Currency XE

There's nothing more frustrating than traveling to a country, having a blast, returning home...checking your bank statement and realizing you spent waaaaaaay more money than you thought. You should ALWAYS open this app before you purchase ANYTHING. ok, maybe not always, but we're frugal travelers, so we want to know how many "chips" are being spent for that ice cold beer.


Square Cash

Friend travels to foreign country. Friend loses or has wallet stolen. Friend now has no cash in hand. What does friend do?

Well, if they downloaded the Square Cash App, they would be able to transfer money from their another person in the group...BOOM!!...that friend now has access to funds...FREE OF ANY TRANSFER FEES. This app could be a life saver. Even if this unfortunate event happened to you...aside from contacting your bank to inform them that your credit cards, etc were least you still have access to your money.



Before you head out for your (8)night all inclusive trip to Peru, you should first, find an economic-friendly mode of transportation. Insert Hopper. Prior to your departure, you should scan flight deals for cheap affordable flights...via Hopper.

So what is it? Simply...a digital agent that informs you when to purchase flight tickets at the best price...AKA CHEAP FLIGHTS!!!! 

STEP Smart Traveler 

We have to admit, this is our favorite app. Safety is key, and this app is the epitome of such. Before your trip, you should cover all bases so that family and friends back home know where and when you're traveling. The STEP app allows you to register with the Embassy in the country you're traveling to.

Why is this important? 

What if there's an Anti-American riot or rally of some sort outside of your hotel...The US Embassy will make arrangements to contact you(because you've registered with the STEP program...hopefully...and they know where you are.) and inform you to leave the hotel or whatever. Like I said before, safety is always a concern when traveling abroad.

So that'll do it for now, just like the vacation rentals lists...this list is subject to change as technology advances. However, this is a great start for you to gather these apps and put them to use on your next trip.